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I think my house is haunted...?

Ok so basically i dont know how to hunt ghost and stuff, but I have a feeling theres a ghost in my house. A couple months ago we moved to this house and in those few months ive noticed some strange th

How can one be turned into a demon?

I am quite serious.Update : Serious answers only please,i do not care if you do not believe in demons,but please do not bring any bible thumping in my answer feed. Thank you."> Update : Serious answe

Do UFOs exist?

Bed shaked on its own?

Hello everyone. This event has only happened once in my life. Here it goes: One night when I was on my bed, I was watching television. All of a sudden my bed suddenly starts shaking. I get off it and

Was my tarot reading real or a scam?

She told me not to tell her anything and she started giving me information and it went really well with my situation. She was calm and collected and she seemed like a real nice lady. She read my cards

What could be causing me to have terrible nightmares every night? Should I tell my mom?

For the past 10 days, Ive been having these horrible nightmares about the same man every night. Hes very tall, about 64, and hes always wearing all black with a red ski mask covering his face. The mas

Has anyone ever experienced any paranormal situations ?

I just saw a ghost!!!?

I think (I am 99.99% sure) I just saw Hitler at Walmart. Can I shoot him, just in case, or would it be illegal? And I am seriously serious! Seriously!

Strangest thing that's ever happened to you?

Strange ghost like stories? Please share?

I think there's a spirit in my house what should I do?

What should you do? You have to say first of all what happened in your home! OK!- Cut down on the alcohol.- Do you mean alcohol or ghost? Ghosts(esp. their presence) might turn out to be something els

Do ghost really exist?

Supernatural Science: Do Ghosts Really Exist? If you think God exists than you cant deny from Ghost. In this universe if anything is positive than its neg

Something bad and evil is happening?

i was in my friends car about an hour ago and we were talking for a bit then as i was about to leave i opened my door and my friend screamed. like a bloody murder and yelled to me to close the door. h

Demonic Haunting?! Or not?

I am 19 currently living on my own in a small property just outside my town. My house is not too old, but even before I moved out and was still living with my parents strange occurrences would happen

I see monsters everywhere?

Alright, so I know monsters, ghosts and demons arent real, but Ive been seeing these scary things in my mirror, on the walls and everywhere. It really scares me. What is this? Please help! Most people
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