Did it really rain for one million years before dinosaurs ca
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Did it really rain for one million years before dinosaurs ca

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Did it really rain for one million years before dinosaurs came on the scene?It seems like it would take another million years for the earth to dry out plus it only took 40 days and 40 nights to flood the earth in noahs time......

Did it really rain for one million years before dinosaurs came on the scene?
It seems like it would take another million years for the earth to dry out plus it only took 40 days and 40 nights to flood the earth in noahs time

CRR say: According to pbs the materialist creation myth says;
"4,200 mya: Great oceans form
Water condenses in the cooling atmosphere, and heavy rains pour down on the planet. After several hundred million years of falling rain, great oceans form."

However that would have included high evaporation and recycling until the Earth cooled.

In Noah's Flood it rained 40 days and nights until the Ark floated but the rain could have continued after that. Also a lot of the flood water came from "the fountains of the deep" which is the release of subterranean water.
busterwasmycat say: No. Well, no, there was no great flood that happened and then dinosaurs happened. One could argue that it is still raining (because it is, somewhere, right now, even if not here), because there never was a time when everywhere on earth was dropping water from the sky at the same time, even if the rainfall was much heavier than now (more areally extensive) at some periods of the earth's history. You simply cannot get that much water into the sky and balance the energy needs to make evaporation and condensation proceed. It takes time for the heat to move around, and water is a huge heat eater.
john say: I didn't realise. The pre-cabrian.

Don't go by "Wikipedia" and 'haedein" or 'archeon'.

It's called the pre-cabrian. There is no ICS!

ICS is fake!

There is only me and my ilk.....e 'er th' great ones!

Think of it as formation time where there was many atmospheric disturbances causing precipitation.

Yes it rained but it did much more than rain much more...
Lord Bearclaw of Gryphon Woods say: No. What you are thinking about is the Late Heavy Bombardment. After the proto-Earth had been formed by the aggregation and agglomeration of dust and rock orbiting the Sun, we estimate that another proto-planet collided with it, causing the ejection of the material that eventually became the Moon. At that point our planet was little more than molten rock.

After millions of years our surface cooled, but we then came under the assault of a meteor storm, called the Late Heavy Bombardment, in which meteors rained down on the planet for well over a million years, bringing other elements and ice - which melted on impact and slowly accumulated on the surface to speed the cooling of the crust and which pooled in the lowest areas, eventually forming the oceans and seas.

The Moon was much closer in those days, as we know that it is slowly spinning away from us at about an inch a year, and the tidal effect it had then was far, far greater. The oceanic storms and weather patterns this created likely did mean that storms raced nearly continually across the Earth for millions of years until the Moon's orbit pulled away enough that the tidal pull lessened.

The Biblical "Flood" is a myth, plagiarized from the older myth cycle of the Epic of Gilgamesh, which, in its original telling, told the story of a flood in the Tigris/Euphrates river valleys and not a global inundation. Cultures across the world have flood myths, likely engendered by the fact that the earliest civilizations sprung up in river valleys and on shorelines because of the fertile soil and the fishing, and these areas are of course prone to floods from devastating storms and from hurricanes and tsunamis.
Peter say: Where did you get that idea?
boiji2934 say: the bible isn't literal

the earth isn't 6000 years old

I am catholic as well

Not all of us are idiots
tentofield say: As soon as the Earth had oceans, an atmosphere and a sun to provide heat to evaporate the water from the ocean surface, it had rain. Rain predated life on this planet.
Apostasy Pete say: That was just God taking a leak.
Seawulf say: Dinosaurs never existed
Handsome Devil say: No, it probably never rained continuously for a million years, and dinosaurs have appeared multiple times after mass extinctions. Oh, and Noah and his flood are a myth copied from earlier Sumerian myths.
CarolOklaNola say: No, it is NOT true. There was NO GLOBAL flood. The floods were large regional floods. Yes, there is plenty of evidence in the geological and anthropological record. Every culture has a Flood story.
Acetek say: the noah flood is fiction. did not happen.
and it is raining 24/7 on this planet now. it is always raining somewhere
PW1,Church of the WalkingStick say: I have seen estimates ranging from several thousand years to 60,000 years. As the planet formed, it was too hot to rain for quite a while and the water remained vapor. When the planet had cooled, the rains began. This was over 4 billion years ago, though. Long before the dinosaurs.
Jimmy C say: No it did not rain for a million years.
Mayflour say: No Vic, it didn't

Evolution - From the Book of Darwin Ch 1;
v.1 In the beginning there was nothing
Then some nothings got together and became something
v.2 Then something exploded ( the “big bang” )
Millions of years passed by.
As the gaseous remains of the “big bang” spread out
Some of it became galaxies, stars, and planets
v.3 Millions of years passed by.
On the planets it rained and it rained
v.4 Millions of years passed by.
Some rocks dissolved into puddles,
And this became the primordial soup
v.5 Millions of years passed by.
Something in the soup decided to be life
v.6 Millions of years passed by.
This “life” mutated and mutated and
v.7 Millions of years passed by.
this is where ALL life comes from!

Yeah Right!

Give me the Genesis account of CREATION as it is much more believable.

May God bless you as you study His Word

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