Will 28 aspirin and 16 paracetamol kill me ?
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Will 28 aspirin and 16 paracetamol kill me ?

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Will 28 aspirin and 16 paracetamol kill me ?......

Will 28 aspirin and 16 paracetamol kill me ?


lisa say: No absolutely NOT. First thing tomorrow check NAMI.org, maybe even call AA and talk to someone, anyone! They have people that have been in your shoes and are there to help you! Just call and talk or just call and listen. Just call - the volunteers are there to listen & help you with no judgements.
I tried to really, really kill myself once. It was not just a cry for help-I know the difference. Took some time, some professional work and strangers being nice to me; but I am so glad I got help that afternoon. They told me I had come close. Over twenty years later and I’m now trying to figure out how to stay alive with my arthritis, broken elbow, fractured ribs (front&back), TMJ, screws in kneecap and full-fledged osteoperosis.
I’ll tell you how: when you get old the dr doesn’t think you’re seeking - cause you’re not!
Elaine M say: There IS a drug hotline you can call for free you know.
say: Paracetamol is highly toxic in overdose but there are no symptoms of liver failure until 80% of your liver is destroyed which takes about 2 weeks. The antidote has to be given intravenously within 12 hours of the overdose to be lifesaving. Aspirin causes ringing in the ears, double vision, vomiting, rapid breathing and dehydration.

I can guarantee you that if you end up in A&E following an overdose they will not admit you to a psychiatric unit. They will treat it as parasuicide - a suicidal gesture without the intent to die - and once you're medically fit you'll be discharged into the care of your parents.

You're an adult in the eyes of the NHS so it's much wiser to go to A&E if you feel like harming yourself to ask for help or make an appointment to see your GP and get a referral to CAMHS for an assessment and treatment.

Only ever overdose if you're prepared to die.
R K say: well, if it doesn't, you will probably wish it did.
say: the aspirin will thin your blood and may cause stomach problems and bleeding.
paracetamol isn't that toxic but the combination may cause kidney and liver problems.

frankly if you took 4 times that amount it wouldn't kill you but could give long term health problems.
don't do it if you do they will just see it as attention seeking.
BJ say: Well if it does you won't feel any pain
kelvin say: no they won't
mwyzo say: iqgsuzvo
Nancy say: Most likely not, and you'll really eff up your stomach
Andrew say: Probably not, but you shouldn't be looking to find out.
frank say: I thin you would not die but you will disturb.
poldi2 say: Probably not, but the damage might be an issue later in life.
In the meantime you can look forward to:
Stomach ache
Eye twitches
Muscle cramps
Lord Bacon say: Probably not but you may live a long time to regret your folly because overdoses of paracetamol can cause organ damage that CANNOT be repaired. Life would NEVER be good after that. Overdoses of aspirin can cause bleeding in your stomach. It would be a remarkably stupid thing to do and I am guessing you are not a stupid person.
yxbcj say: vfgfolli
Ziggy say: How about don't take any pills at all.

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