Is there any single action I can do to feel/see/hear some ki
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Is there any single action I can do to feel/see/hear some ki

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Is there any single action I can do to feel/see/hear some kind of paranormal activity?I’ve tried the ouija board and other stuff but have never experienced anything.......

Is there any single action I can do to feel/see/hear some kind of paranormal activity?
I’ve tried the ouija board and other stuff but have never experienced anything.

Gary K say: Nope! Nothing "paranormal" has ever been shown to be actually paranormal, ie; outside the scope of normal scientific understanding. Paranormal claims like ghosts, psychic powers, telepathy, etc., have never been shown to be real in controlled scientific testing. The paranormal is almost certainly nothing more than misinterpretations, dreams, hallucinations, and hoaxes.

Please don't be gullible like EG and spend money on gimmicks like ghost boxes.
Jeffrey K say: Hold two polarizer lenses up to the light and rotate them til no light gets thru. Then place a third polarizer between them. Some light will now come thru, even though polarizers only block light but do not emit it. This is a repeatable paranormal demonstration.
j say: The most reliable and safest activity is meditation; here is a good explanation:

Keeping a dream diary, and reviewing entries some days later, often shows precognition. "Watch Your Dreams" and "Looking into the Invisible" are good.
Mr. P say: Spend more time in places that are likely to have spirits around.
Don't visit graveyards as nobody has actually died there. You are more likely to see something at areas of accidents or prisons/ hospital.

I have experienced quite a few in old pubs and old second hand bookshops. Even if a place is flattened and redeveloped the spirits may remain on the land. Some are tied to a place and others wander about a bit so if there is a building near an accident site then it may get some walking in. I had that happen in a new-ish house that was on a site where the whole town was massacred in the 1300's.

Not all spirits are seen, not all want to communicate, some communicate by other means. This could be by affecting electrical equipment, or more usually affecting you in some way or another. You may have emotions, feelings, thoughts or see things that are not of your making. With practice you can learn to recognise these more subtle methods of communication.
Some may view it as possession or attachment but it may just be a spirit trying to communicate.

Be warned. Once you are open to the possibility and do communicate you will not view the world the same way again. You can 'overload' on the communication you do get and this can unbalance some people or freak them out to the point they do stupid things. You may also feel compelled to help these unfortunate people which can become some sort of quest. I advise you research what you can about them but don't spend too long or get too attached to them.
say: Ha I used to be just like you now I regret doing what I did what I did is dangerous you can make a deal with the devil sometimes it takes time for ghosts to show themselves to the one time you won’t expect it is more likely to happen.
Dr. NG say: No, sorry in my opinion and experience, there's no such thing as paranormal activity.
English Guy say: Some people are simply not tuned in to things of a paranormal nature. Others who are, still make up excuses no matter how improbable to excuse what they saw. This is why a Yeti seen in the early hours becomes an unusually hairy postman with bad hygiene who took a wrong turn and got lost in the woods. These people are so against a witness seeing anything they can't see, they will even try to convince a witness that they know what he saw and the witness was wrong, even though they were in another part of the world and in bed asleep at the time. I would suggest you purchase a ghost box from eBay and follow the instructions. You will get a shock at what you will hear. Ask for a number and you will receive a number, same if you ask for a name. You will often be told to f*uck off and be called a c*unt as well as other names that are not allowed on radio stations. (denialists have still not explained that one) You can even ask for the number of a page you opened a book at and be given the correct number. I would say that this would be your best bet. Although there are lots of reports of people being harmed with Ouija boards, I have not heard one bad report about ghost boxes

Edit! After that statement from DR.NG, I see no further reason why he would want to visit the paranormal phenomena section, even though the poor retard still thinks this is the science and mathematics section. Bless!
Wally_WRX say: I highly advise you to not further attempt to interact with these types of jinn. Those are doors you do NOT ever want to open. Since you havent had any interactions as of yet you are truley blessed. Thats a relm you can easily enter but its damn near impossible to leave. People think it would be cool or whateber to interact with jinnis but it isnt. Its dangerous.
Do™. say: Absolute physical exhaustion.

Old school mystics you may have heard about would often work themselves into utter stupidity to encourage separation of their energy body from their physical.... quite simply... pick up a shovel and dig a big honking hole.... and then dig another one... until you cannot even lift the shovel. At this point, or approaching it, you are open.
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