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Chemistry multiple choice questions

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c) 0.d) 1.2. The mass of a block is 9.43g and its density is 2.35 g/mL.......
1. The density of copper is 8.92 g/mL. The mass of a piece of copper that has a volume of 9.5 mL is
a) 2.58g
b) 85g
c) 0.94g
d) 1.07g

2. The mass of a block is 9.43g and its density is 2.35 g/mL. The volume of the block is:
a) 4.01 mL
b) 22.2 mL
c) 0.249 mL
d) 2.49 mL

3. A metal cube measures 8.600cm on edge and has a density of 11.40g/cm3. What is its mass?
a) 98.0g
b) 843g
c) 7251g
d) 62400.g

4. Platinum has a density of 21.45g/cm3. A cube of platinum 4.00cm on each side has a mass of:
a) 579g
b) 1.37 x 10(3)g
c) 343g
d) 686g

Please explain how you arrived at your answer so I can understand too. Thanks!

1. 8.92 g/mL x 9.5 mL =
b) 85g

2. 9.43g / 2.35 g/mL =
a) 4.01 mL

3. 8.600³ x 11.40g/cm³ =
c) 7251g

4. 21.45g/cm³ x (4.00cm)³ =
b) 1.37 x 10(3)g
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