Origins of tsunami?
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Origins of tsunami?

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3.Rockfalls/landslides can also create tsunami.In fact, the tallest tsunami ever recorded occurred in Lituya Bay, Alaska andwas caused by a rockfall.4.......
List all the origins of a tsunami. Which might cause a Mega-tsunami?

1. Most tsunami are created by vertical displacement of the seafloor along a fault. The biggest tsunami of this type are created by subduction zone megathrusts.

2. Tsunami can also be created by a volcanic eruptions that displace seawater...or by the collapse of a flank of a volcano (this has happened more often than people realize).

3. Rockfalls/landslides can also create tsunami. In fact, the tallest tsunami ever recorded occurred in Lituya Bay, Alaska and was caused by a rockfall.

4. Meteorite impacts probably create the largest tsunami of all, but none have been observed during historic time.


Before a tsunami starts, there are two tectonic plates, usually underwater. One plate pushes water down, and another pushes water up, causing water to stack up and form a giant wave. Waves then go forward, bringing water them, making the waves even bigger. They are like underwater earthquakes, except stronger.

Postscript: Mega-tsunami is probably a giant wave.
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