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how can ones dna determine their psychic ability?-Since no one has ever been able to show they have psychic abilities of any sort, that is not a testable idea.Chances are very good no one has these po

I think I had a Psychic Vision

In Math Class, I was taking a quiz and then out of nowhere I seen (in my head) people fighting. Then, when the bell rang I got my things for the next class and went there and as everyone else came in

I have visions of the future

It seems that I get visions of the future, but I dont remember having them. Its vision tht I dont remember having but will happen in a few months or years, when Im doing something new I just feel like

What do you know about OBE

Out of Body can astral project out of body, float around the room or you can astral travel......I astral traveled once flying through the night skies when I met this spirit woman an

What's a good school to study parapsychology

I am looking for a school where I can study the paranormal. Does anyone know a good school to do this?-Parapsychology isnt a degree program in U.S. universities, but there are a couple of places that

What's the difference between intuition/psychics

arent they the same? psychics arent real, they are fake...intuition is real?? then there must be levels of intuition..any psychologist want to explain?-The closest thing I can think of is driving a ve

What is parapsychology

Parapsychology is the study of mysterious events, such as ESP, psychic powers, ghost sighting and UFO encounters using methods from mainstream science and psychology.-Parapsychology is the scientific

Whats wrong with me physically

Right now i feel horrable:( i feel like I can barely even type. My whole bodies so sore for some reason. I didnt do anything workout wise yesterday, it was just like anyother day, and I ate right.And

If you thought people with psychic powers were able to view your imagination

Via the astral plane..would u stop imagining? Change what you were imagining? Or keep imagining the same thing regardless???-It dont happen the way you think, when someones thoughts pop in my head it

Explanation for visions

No, I swear Im not insane or mental. Recently when I see or think about people I know I get hit with visions about them in different time periods (even WAY back as far as BC). More than that, after I

I wanna learn how to telekinesis...

Imagine all the crazy stuff I can do with that power, LOL. So how do I do it? :)-stare at goats-meditate-Its an illusion. Its like a bad magic trick. It isnt true..... There is no way that it is poss

Anyone on here have esp

Like you can talk to ghosts and that sort of thing. I really need someone.-Yes I have seen spirits all my life and communicated with one for four years, and even was able to touch one twice as she al

Are you psychic? Guess what I am eating

HAM!-Christmas cookies Well since I dont have the winning lottery numbers, I am guessing you are eating crow.(Just kidding)

Parapsychology: What do you think of project stargate

As the statistician (not the skeptical psychologist that was also employed) that was employed to evaluate the program stated in her report (portions of which were excluded from the final report) Usin

Need help on telepathy

Feeling like people can hear my thoughts??? Bothering me Cant have...negative thoughts,without shame... Also i feel like my negative thoughts are hurting others, is it possible?-No one can hear your
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