Do I have some sort of psychic ability
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Do I have some sort of psychic ability

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no thats not a true ability, sorry.......
I tend to associate numbers with different things.

I'll give you an example. I predicted the Dallas Maevericks winning thge NBA finals because they are somehow associated with the numbers 6 and 11. For some reason the basketball team makes me think of those numbers. They won the Finals in 6 games in the year 2011.

No, that's the confirmation effect - you remember when it works (you predicted something and then it happened) and forget when it didn't (all the predictions that didn't work, all the things that happened that you didn't predict). It's normal psychology and some superstition (numerology), nothing paranormal.

No. You do not have a fictitious ability. You have lucky guesses and a theory based on weak evidence.

Sorry I don't believe that will cut it, no that's not a true ability, sorry.
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