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Comet elenin visible

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.supposedly elenin? the pic is clear and it doesnt look like a lens whats up?......
About an hour ago, on the comet elenin facebook page, someone posted a pic of the sun, nd under it was...supposedly elenin? the pic is clear and it doesn't look like a lens whats up? today/tomorrow for some, was suppose to be prehilation (sp?) day ... was it suppose to be visible today? its still no threat to earth right? I usually dont believe all this stuff but seeing makes me kinda scared.. and honestly the pic looks very real to yeah, was it possible to see it today? and is it still no threat to earth? thanks.

Comet Elenin is not currently visible either from Earth or from spacecraft orbiting the Sun. This often happens with comets close to perihelion (closest to Sun). We are waiting for it to come into view on one of the SOHO spacecraft cameras on September 23. Then we will see how much it has disintegrated. Tomorrow will be its perihelion, when it is closest to the Sun, when the Sun will be doing it maximum damage. Whatever the Sun does to it, it will NOT affect its orbit or cause it to come any closer to the Erah than the 22 million miles predicted on October 16.

It's definitely possible that this comet in particular was visible today. I believe on the 27th of september, the comet is closest to Earth so we'll probably be able to see it best then. However, the comet is only 3-5 kilometers big, which is a pretty tiny chunk of rock to be honest. Also, the closest it will be to Earth is 90 times the earth-to-moon-distance. That's 93,000,000 x 90 , which equates to a pretty large number. So the object you saw on the facebook page may be something else, or may be the comet. Hope this helped! :)

I dont understand why people gotta be smart asses about this. CLEARLY some people are worried and do not understand it as much as others so I dont see why people gotta get all serious cause people are worried about this. Just let the people who dont understand ask the questions to understand it more with out being smart asses. I seen the pic too...ill be the first one to say I am worried and dont get it....sue me! Why am I worried? I dont want people to suffer this way if it was too happen. If it does happen...then we got no choice.

" on the comet elenin ******facebook****** page"

Yeah, because facebook is such a reliable source.

Also, you wouldn't be able to se a comet in the sunlight if it was that far away.

its so unlikely, like near to impossible. so, do not worry about it, guaranteed
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The chances of Elenin causing damage are closer to the chances of this question not being reported off this site.
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