Why has 'comet' elenin got a triangular 'shield'
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Why has 'comet' elenin got a triangular 'shield'

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and no one has debunked this.Elenin - An et space ship ??-A highly zoomed in, noisy, convoluted digital image produced some artefacts that Richard Hoagland has interpreted as a tetrahedral force shield.......

Debunkers?? I get hyped about this stuff, and no one has debunked this.

Elenin - An 'et space ship' ??

A highly zoomed in, noisy, convoluted digital image produced some artefacts that Richard Hoagland has interpreted as a tetrahedral force shield. However, there are other examples of such geometric shapes throughout that image, and he ingores them just because they are not surrounding comet Elenin.

Hoagland is a kook. Plain and simple. His claims have no merit whatsoever.

Michael Mattiazzo's images, made from his observatory in Australia, represent the best and most reliable images of Elenin available. His web page is:

The video, on the other hand, appears to have come from Richard Hoagland, a notoriously unreliable source, and heaven knows where he got it. It is blurry, overexposed, and overprocessed, full of processing artifacts, which he interprets as a triangular or tetrahedral "shield. Complete nonsense, I'm afraid.

"Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

If you take a photo and push up the contrast until it gets grainy and then color it red, you can't say you are learning something new from the photo artifacts you create. Well, if you are a LOON like Hoagland, you can say that, but notice how NO ASTRONOMERS say anything like it? AND note that Hoagland is a regular on "Coast to Coast" a radio program by and for nutters. Here's a typical conversation on "Coast to Coast"

George Noory: So, you say you saw a giant daffodil eat your pet poodle?

Nameless Nutter: Yes, George. It was 4am, I was having trouble sleeping as I had earlier eaten a whole plate of extra spicy lamb curry and I looked out the back window...

George: Uh huh, uh huh.. that's interesting. I hope you come back when you get the pictures developed.

Any statement involving Richard Hoagland has to be taken with the largest pinch of salt since the Siberian salt mines were discovered. The man is incapable of any rational scientific reasoning, and has been described as a conspiracy theorist and fringe thinker, though personally I believe "thinker" may be pushing it a bit.

It is nothing to worry about. That is just an artifact of digital images. You are cheating the image resolution at that zoom, and each quantized picture gets a weird shape.

There's no more a triangular shield around Comet Elenin than a family of pink rabbits.
Why people churn out such tosh is beyond me.
Ah, Richard Hoagland. Say no more.

Comet Elenin is a large hunk of ICE. and it is disintegrating due to the solar wind.
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