Is there a high possibility that the 24th century will look
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Is there a high possibility that the 24th century will look

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Is there a high possibility that the 24th century will look like Star Trek?......

Is there a high possibility that the 24th century will look like Star Trek?


Snowwie888 say: Some things portrait in Star Trek will definitely be there. I see some potential in a holodeck. But there are things in Star Trek we simply will not have, even for a very long time. These things are for example: Warp drive (might be well never be invented), Transporter (do you know how much computer power it takes to MAP all the molecules and atoms in your body?. Handheld phasers are a possibility. Starships that can fly around the solar system (a trip to Saturn for example) is a possibility, to visit the Titan Colony, but I don't see us leaving ourselves our solar system in the 24th century. Chances that we pick up alien signals are possible and vice versa also. Food synthesizers are dubious, because matter and energy are very closely related. But like with the transporter, you have to map out the structure of food. Maybe simple food can be replicated out of energy, but I don't see how we could build a machine that turns energy into matter. Weapons in Star Trek are more likely. I don't see any problems in creating a photon torpedo that uses anti-matter as a substance for a warhead. The question is, do we need that?
John say: Nope.

It will look more like the Flintstones.

We have already passed peak technology. It's all downhill from here. Star Trek is the future we could have had if we hadn't squandered the earth's resources on wanton hedonism and copulating ourselves to near extinction.
Starrysky say: The people in the early 18th Century had no idea about electronics, aircraft, space travel (except in wild stories about dew and geese, maybe balloons) or antibiotics. They did have wild adventures and difficult explorations, terrible wars, many diseases and natural medicines.
So predictions about life in 300 years is very difficult to be accurate about.
Here are some guesses:
(Source is Club of Rome predictions that have been accurate for 40 years.)
World population: less than 2 billion.
Industrialization level: about like 1910--steam engines, some electric lights, coal mining. No oil production or autos or trucks, no natural or artificial rubber products,
Space: no launches for a century, no useful satellites.
Communications: Some land line phones in restricted areas, some publications that are distributed by trains and sailing ships.
Food production: some grains on local farms, but with no fertilizers, no widespread distribution paths, no honey bees, there is just enough for the human population. Wild boar, some cattle on ranges still, but no feed lots, no "corporate farms" except in China.
Government: mostly dictatorships backed by standing armies with conventional weapons like the 19th Century models.
Environment: disastrous sea level rising, encroaching on almost all large cities on coasts that were abandoned. Extreme temperature swings. Glaciers and ice caps gone, thousands of species gone. Rain forests, permafrost, large temperate forests gone. Methane levels increased.
Sounds terrible, I know, but the 20th and first half of 21st Centuries were not kind to Mother Earth at all. By the time wide spread measures to modify industrial growth, population controls, ecological changes took place, all were efforts of too little, too late.
These are not my ideas. Club of Rome has dozens of publications forecasting many areas of human life, the environment, and technology changes. All revolve around "Limits to Growth" that are directly in conflict to current economic thought and government practices. But what is happening in spite of those thoughts and practices follow closely to the Club's many predictions:
Populations, industrial and agricultural productivity, species, comfortable life styles all collapse in the last half of the 21st Century, maybe even sooner. Ecological effects and weather problems magnify making much of what we know today unmanageable, unrecognizable, impractical, not reproducible.
A C say: I doubt God will let things get to that point. I personally think Jesus' return is imminent.
say: I don't know. According to Blade Runner, 2019 was supposed to look like..... well..... Blade Runner. That didn't happen though.
EddieJ say: Well, that's a long time from now. We can only guess.

It's easy to imagine things like transporters, replicators and warp drives, but I find it hard to believe that those things will ever be real. If we can have a sustainable colony on Mars by then, that would be quite an accomplishment.
ꀘꍟꍟᖘꀤꈤꁅ ꀤ꓄ ꍏ꒒ꀤᐯꍟ ❤️ say: Who knows. There's a high possibility that I won't be around in the 24 Century so...who cares...
geronimo say: i don't know what the 24th century would be alike
but i know the first world war was fought with sticks and stones ~ Htiler
odd say: More likely not. I think the geo-political map is going to be radically different from the way it looks now.
rick29148 say: I'm old, not my problem .................................
PhotonX say: I would say there's a zero percent chance. Even if we tried to make it superficially look like Star Trek, like some cheesy Las Vegas attraction (yeah, been there, done that), that wouldn't make transporters, replicators, or warp speed real.
Mark say: More likely it will look like where Star Trek passed up going.
Everard say: We will never know...
But if this is still going then
Some one will be able to answer it.

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