If y=5/x what happens to y as x increases?
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If y=5/x what happens to y as x increases?

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If y=5/x what happens to y as x increases?......

If y=5/x what happens to y as x increases?


Wile E. say: If the denominator of a fraction increases, the value of the the fraction, in this case y, decreases. The denominator can never reach +infinity, therefore, as the value of x increases, the value of y approaches, but never reaches, zero.
Josh say: Type this into Google or wolfram alpha to see for yourself. You should learn how to draw 5\x type curves.

1. "As X increases y decreases" - as X goes to infinity y tends to zero, "5 divided by something very big equals something very small"
2. "As X decreases y increases" - as X tends to zero y tends to infinity, "5 divided by something very very very small equals something very big"
Nzewi Ernest Kenechukwu say: As x increases (i.e. approaches infinity) in the equation y = 5/x, then y approaches 0. This is done via the concept of limit in calculus, meaning

Lim. x → ∞: y
= Lim. x → ∞: 5/x
= 5 Lim. x → ∞: (1/x)
= 5 (0)
= 0 ...Ans.

Hence as x → ∞, y → 0 in y = 5/x.
Jim say: y would decrease until it reaches a number so close to 0 that it becomes 0
Epic Guy say: X = 8=======D
Como say: As x -> oo , y --> 0
Pope say: I am being difficult now, but consider this test.

When x = -1, y = -5.

When x = 1, y = 5.

There you have it. When x increased, y also increased. Be careful with discontinuities.
oklatom say: It changes or course.
Puzzling say: Assuming both are positive, y and x are inversely proportional, so as x increases, y decreases (and vice versa).

Try a few values and see if this makes sense:
x = 1 --> y = 5
x = 2 --> y = 2.5
x = 3 --> y = 1.666...
x = 4 --> y = 1.25
x = 5 --> y = 1
x = 6 --> y = 0.8333...

If it helps, imagine x was the number of people sharing 5 pizzas. As you increase the number of people, the amount of pizza each person receives gets smaller and smaller.
Angela say: Y will decrease as X increases
ahmedmohamed say: ####
Daniel say: Y will decrease as X increases
Idealist say: Decreases
say: as x increases, y decreases

if x = 1, y = 5/1 = 5

x = 2, y = 5/2 = 2.5

so, as x increases, y decreases
Johnathan say: Simple...y decreases toward zero.
busterwasmycat say: unless you cross from negative x values to positive x values, y will always decrease when x increases. there is no "value" to the term when x=0. the function is undefined there.
Krishnamurthy say: As x increases y decreases.
Jake No Chat say: Y will decrease as X increases.
For example when X is 1, Y will be 5, and when increases to 10, Y will decrease to 1/2
Colly Rodrez say: distribute move the x to one side and were done so 5

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