How do you tap into psychic abilities
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How do you tap into psychic abilities

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If it were true, it would be easy to prove.No one ever has.So how do you tap into them?Simple.You dont.......

There are millions of dollars in prize money out there for anyone who could prove psychic abilities exist. No one has, ever. If it were true, it would be easy to prove. No one ever has. So how do you tap into them? Simple. You don't. And no amount of wanting it to work will make it work. Also, astrology is a load of crap too. The stars don't determine what you believe.

Close minded means someone who isn't willing to change their mind. We've asked for evidence, and no one has ever provided it. Prove you're psychic, and we'll be willing to believe you. But you're not providing evidence and you're not willing to change your mind, you're the close-minded one here.

Realistically, nobody has ever done this. Despite all the boasting and chatter, no one who claims such powers can actually demonstrate them when asked.

But among the believers, the usual answer to your question has to do with meditation, talking with spirit guides, crystal therapy, etc. While meditation can be good for relaxation, it goes without saying that none of these popular beliefs are likely to be real either.

It sounds like you are familiar with some people and you're probably not remembering all the times where you didn't finish other peoples' sentences.

My advice is to tap into a real area of learning such as science, history, music, etc. But if you're dead set to devote yourself to psychic development, go to psychic fairs and surf the psychic web sites. You'll get all sorts of contradictory information but that's the nature of pseudoscience.
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