Question about isotopes
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Question about isotopes

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having Electric charge, + Positive Proton, and - Negative,also Neutron of 0 net charge ( either 0 or ,+-,all have mass.......
"How will an understanding of isotopes help understand the experiments being conducted at the LHC"

I have to answer that question for my chem project, so far i got no real answer to that
what i got in mind is: (just the ideas)
The basis of the lhc is to look for the Higgs Boson particle, through hgih energy proton-proton collisions
Protons are made of two up quarks, one down quark
Quarks are made of more particles
the particles have mass and in theory, the higgs boson created the mass and the lhc is aimed to detect the presence of higgs boson

thats pretty much what i got (so far), but i dont think thats right cuz i dont think that has anything to do with isotopes

Can somebody fill me in about how isotopes are linked to the LHC or particle accelerators in general?

your comments are more or less correct, but since you really do not know what they mean they are just words

the concept of atoms is:

units of matter , having Electric charge, + Positive Proton, and - Negative, electron
also Neutron of 0 net charge ( either 0 or ,+-, )

all have mass. if P is 1, N is >P and E is <<< P ( about 1/1800)

atoms with same Q number are the same chemical element
there may be isotopes, that is atomic units with the same e = P, and Variable number of N giving the same atomic number but different atomic weight

the P is concentrated in the nucleus . the nucleus is about 10,000 smaller in effective radius than the electron (cloud) radius

We Do NOT KNOW more than we DO KNOW

the existence of atoms was speculated on by ancient Greeks
17-1800 chemistry supported the idea of atoms of chemical elements
the structure of atoms was determined in the early 1900s

Modern theory developed 1940s and on

LHC (large diameter,) hadron,( heavy particle), collider, (smashes units together) is trying to find evidence for a Higgs Boson, a predicted but never experimentally detected entity that would fit with the "standard Model" of atoms.

" Quarks"
a made up word from james Joyce novels, are "sub particles that CANNOT EXIST unless they are in groups of 3. the various possible combinations account for all known sub atomic particles including electrons , anti protons, neutrinos etc

If found,a Higgs Boson . ( or more precisely fragments of it), that would support the current "Standard Model" theory. if Firmly excluded, it requires a major re think
if found but unexpected ( the most fun) it means theoretical physicists have a job for the next century
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