Gas Law Question - Pressure
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Gas Law Question - Pressure

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what will be the pressure inside.?-a) From Boyles law, P1V1=P2V2here P1=2x10^6 Pa,V1=5 liter, P2=1x10^5 Pa,......
a) A 5 liter cylinder containing helium at a pressure of 2x10^6 Pa. What volume will that gas occupy at 1x10^5 Pa?
b) The same cylinder, still with the same gas inside, is left in the sun and it gets hot. If it was initially 17 degrees Celsius and it heats up to 67 degrees Celsius, what will be the pressure inside.?

a) From Boyle's law, P1V1=P2V2 here P1=2x10^6 Pa,V1=5 liter, P2=1x10^5 Pa, V2=?

V2=P1V1/P2 =(2x10^6*5)/ 1x10^5
=100 Liter

b) From Charles law, P1/T1=P2/T2 Here,P1=2x10^6 Pa,T1=(17+273)=290,T2=(67+273)=340K
=2344827.6 Pa

a) do P*V before = P*(V) after. The (V) is what you have to solve for.
b) P/T=P/T

basically, PV/T intial =PV/T final. Anything constant can be neglected from formula, such as T in a) and V in b).
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