Is the doomsdays of 2011 fake
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Is the doomsdays of 2011 fake

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Though the reason is different, its same as the 2012 hoax..The reason 2012 doomsday is also a hoax..Think it like this.......
it is fake isnt it,i just need to know if its fake cuz im really worried.,

It's like any other hoax.. Though the reason is different, it's same as the 2012 hoax..

The reason 2012 doomsday is also a hoax..

Think it like this. The mayans stopped their calendar on a random day after a random number of years.. They were PRETTY sure they won't survive for more than 4000 years.. so they stopped at a day, and that day happened to be the 2012 doomsday.. won't it be great if i came up with a calendar for about 200 years, cuz i am very very sure i am not gonna be alive till then and people of earth start saying DOOMSDAY!! :D not happening.. chill it's another hoax...

People are saying mostly it is 2012 but to my opinion,i feel that it is not true.I recently red an article from an unknown source that according to some research,people in the past feared that the world would end at 1500.But did it??In addition,people also feared that the world would end at 1999,and did it?But who knows what would happen?For now,it is not a concluded question.

Oh nice, another doomsday? What happened to the 2012 one?

I found this cool site btw, that shows the list of all doomsday predictions in the 21st century. There are up to like, 5 doomsdays in 1 year. And guess what? None of them happened yet.…

Most people will say yes, but how can you know forsure? They will all be wrong one day when it happens but i dont think its gonna happen this year. But i wouldnt be surprised if it just randomly happened with barely any signs so be prepared!

yea its fake man don't worry about it, the guy who predicted this had already predicted the
exact same thing in 1994 and nothing happened, so don't believe it.

No one can ever know or predict the exact day when the universe will end, because this God hid from us, and never revealed such information to any human being. Whoever predicts a date is certainly a liar.

Dont worry becaused all doomsday predictors are fake.dont you remember only god knows when we will end so just be good
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