What was the real reason nasa closed
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What was the real reason nasa closed

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Gemini, and Apollo before it.Another program will (hopefully) gain funding soon... Orion is slated to be next; I hope the request for funds is accepted soon,......
i have asked many older people that were around when nasa first opend and they all said there wasnt a mention about it only lasting 30 years. some ppl have said the funding was cut. but why would they cut funding for something that is so important? anyone know why for sure they closed?

NASA grew out of the government NACA in 1959. It isn't closed - just the shuttle program has ended. Like Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo before it. Another program will (hopefully) gain funding soon... Orion is slated to be next; I hope the request for funds is accepted soon, but... that's up to Congress...
Want to help? Write your congressman - tell them you'd like to see an American Manned Spacecraft being developed - that you would be more likely to vote for someone who would push manned space flight rather than someone voting against it. MAKE them work for you!

NASA hasn't closed.

Funding for NASA has never been a large percentage of the US budget - recent budget cuts have caused NASA to review its programs and cut where it can.
NASA itself is still very much alive and open - there are dozens of projects in progress and being developed. The only major cut is that NASA has retired the space shuttle program and has not replaced it with anything at this point in time.

When people ask a question as though it was a fact (as you did), that serves to misinform people that may not read further or do any additional research. The way your question is worded sounds like NASA has been shut down (your word is 'closed') for some reason OTHER than the "official" reason. Asking a question that sounds like a statement can be construed as misinformation.

NASA came into existence on July 1, 1958, following extensive hearings by a joint congressional committee that included one future President, Gerald Ford, and other prominent names, based in part on a much older organization, the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (NACA). It is still in existence, with no prospect of going out of business. You can read descriptions of its current and planned activities on the NASA website, NASA.gov
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