Are there any credible or researchesnsources that definitely
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Are there any credible or researchesnsources that definitely

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Jeffrey K say: No, none at all. There is no proof or evidence for extraterrestrial life.
This does not mean it doesn't exist. We just haven't found it yet.
Zheia say: Klaathu Baradhu Nikthu.
say: Do you count drunks in trailer parks as "scholarly"?
roberto say: new media have corners that present mostly witnesses,,some blurry pics & vids of crafts moving objects that use no aviation power source we presently have,or possibly evidence buried by'authoritative sources'
like NASA,,universities are preoccupied with indoctrination vs education & research,securing money sources for salaries & expansion.
altmedia are where the action is,alcubierre the physics egghead & ftl formulae for engines,art alien tv,he is a brit irish with kks of pics of mars surface,some maybe a lot of the rover & opportunity pics sent back are shopped,he adds a bit of contrasting color to highlight forms,
secureteam 10,,,tyler guy,he has done hundreds of vids on UFOS,,earthfiles
coasttocoastam,,they cover wild stuff too,
credible ,,authoritative sources? like da guvermint whose stock slid as deep as the marianas trench under obama.
Ronald 7 say: Absence of Proof does not mean Proof of Absence
The Universe is simply just too big for life to have happened just once
The Ingredients are there, so too the Mixing Bowl
All we have for everything is Theories
Check out the Fermi Paradox and the Drake Equation
nineteenthly say: Only in theory.
Nyx say: At best, we know that the compounds that help make life possible, are common. Stuff like water, proto amino acids, and other organic compounds.

As of yet, no life past, or present has yet been found anywhere beyond Earth.

But there is a bunch of research going on in the field of astrobiology (or exobiology), that keeps looking. there's a bunch of research going on in the field of astrobiology (also known as exobiology).
quantumclaustrophobe say: No... there's conjecture only, but no evidence or proof.
elj2017c say: The fact is, even life on earth did not evolve from inanimate matter. Intelligent humans are not the product of hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary development. Instead, man was divinely created. Life proceeds only from preceding life.
But despite the fact that there are no “evolved” forms of life, splendid, intelligent creatures in the region of what men call “outer space” do exist! Further, contact with them has been made!
The superhuman, intelligent creatures that exist in outer space were created by Jehovah God. Their creation took place even before planet Earth was prepared for human habitation. In his Word the Bible Jehovah God speaks of the time that he founded the earth. At that time, he explains, “the morning stars joyfully cried out together, and all the sons of God began shouting in applause.” (Job 38:4, 7) These “sons of God” are powerful angelic creatures who are indeed “far more skillful and knowledgeable than we.” In the past they were often used by God to communicate with humans. There Intelligent Creatures in Outer Space
billrussell42 say: no, because there is zero evidence that such exists.
sparrow say: The best they thoery they have is when they start talking about the 'goldi-locks' zone.
They describe Earth as being the perfect distance from the sun, not too hot, not too cold.
And that Earth has the perfect chemical make-up with liquid water.
They also think there are many other planets out there that are in the 'goldilocks' zone
of it's solar system, and the fact that there are such a large number increases the
likelihood that one of them has life, also.
Sure, it might be a 1 in a zillion chance, but when there are a zillion solar systems,
that means it's bound to happen.
unknown1 say: Nope nothing. Earth is the only planet to support any type of life.
duke_of_urls say: No, there isn't, but what do you think of the following:


1) extraterrestrial beings exist, have existed, or will exist or,
2) there is a 100% probability that Earth is a magic planet.

(As for myself, I don't believe in magic.)
Bill-M say: No there is not.
CarolOklaNola say: No, there is NOT. You might want to bookmark Science Daily and Science News or subscribe to updates.
miyuki & kyojin say: IIE mean NO at Japan, is no real evidence that ETs exist.
jehen say: Not a one. But there are legion of easily debunked books, papers, documentaries that like to pretend to scholarship and acceptance. There are also plenty of respectable scholarly sources that are open to the possibility (and even probability) of alien life without the assertion that there is as yest any credible proof.
Acetek say: nope
Zardoz say: Nothing at all.

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