What came first , space , or the stuff in it?
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What came first , space , or the stuff in it?

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What came first , space , or the stuff in it?......

What came first , space , or the stuff in it?


Adullah M say: The first thing to exist is pure energy that can perform work , then being exploded to be big bang then expand to be mass being filled in space , these three entities then melted to be time , having certain attribute that one can not exist with out the other . To conclude the stuff in it being filled in the space that govern by time dimension.
neb say: With little doubt, everything came into existence simultaneously. Spacetime, fields, forces (unified or not), etc. All of the laws of the universe were present at the very start of the universe. My argument for that is the extraordinarily low entropy (high order) and high level of symmetry present at the Big Bang. I see that requiring an integration and unification that likely couldn’t be achieved with a piecemeal creation where things came into existence at different times or locations.

That doesn’t mean that the Universe didn’t go through various transitions as it cooled and inflated. Symmetries ‘broke’ separating forces and changing both fermions and bosons, and entropy marched on. But the state of the universe inevitably can be traced back to the initial order and symmetry of the Big Bang.
Jeffrey K say: Space came first. It was empty but in an excited state called a false vacuum. This caused exponential inflation until space decayed and dropped to the true vacuum state. The extra energy that made up the excited state was deposited into the true vacuum space as matter and antimatter and cosmic background radiation.
The excess of matter over antimatter later condensed into stars and planets.
CarolOklaNola say: Energy that created the space came first, then the matter and antimatter in that space.
bubby say: The chicken came first.
Starrysky say: Some theories say always was space there, then something created "stuff" of our universe.
Some theories say that there are many universes in space. So space might be eternal.
Some theories say space and the universe happened at the same time.
Since in our universe, space is linked to time to form space-time, the more complex questions are:
were both started at same instant,
did one come first,
were they always linked,
are they not linked in another possible universe?
No way to tell for sure what came first. No one was around to watch.
Acetek say: simultaneous.
YKhan say: Pretty much both came at the same time, within nanoseconds of each other.
Do™. say: Sama time. The conditions determined the rest.

First space was obscenely fvcking hot beyond belief. Not much can exist at that temperature beyond a little lonely bit, but it cooled over time and all the little stuff simply does what it does. The yin and the yang made out and big bubs happened.

It's physics, man... physics.

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