What is everyone's thoughts on NASA's plans to go ba
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What is everyone's thoughts on NASA's plans to go ba

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What is everyones thoughts on NASAs plans to go back to the moon in 2024?......

What is everyone's thoughts on NASA's plans to go back to the moon in 2024?


Sherwood Forrester say: It's an awfully tight schedule, and I'd rather see the date slip than corners cut on safety. But if we can, we should. We should never have stopped after Apollo 17.
Snowwie888 say: If the Unites States stops playing policeman of the world and stays into it's own domain, like China does, then they can use a HUGE amount of the military budget to go elsewhere. Going back to the moon? What to do on that pile of sand and dust without atmosphere? The only convenance is that it's close by. Mars is the same shithole. Also a desert with nothing fancy there and also no atmosphere to protect us against deadly solar rays and also dearly cosmic rays. There is just ONE place which could be ideal for humans to colonize, and that is TITAN.
Granted, it's a little further away and the moon is also a bit more colder, but who cares? Other than that, Titan has at least a descent atmosphere, putting surface pressure at a relative comfortable 1.45 bar. So no pressure suit needed. The atmosphere provides protection against either Solar or Cosmic rays. The moon even lies within the safety of Saturn magnetic field. Extra protection. It has weather, it has seas of liquid methane and ethane and a lot of other hydrocarbons. Low gravity and thick atmosphere makes flying so easy that humans can fly themselves with wings attached to their arms, making logistics on this moon very easy and cheap. And as said, no need for pressure domes. Only bringing oxygen to breath and a lot on insulation against the cold.
MysteryGuy say: Why not go mars. Already been the moon and back
say: another empty promise. nasa doesn't have anywhere near the budget it needs to send humans back to the moon. development of the sls keeps failing and the launch date keeps being pushed back. and however much money the trump administration allocates to the project, the next administration will be sure to cut it. and, honestly, what is the compelling reason to return to the moon? we've already been there, satisfied our curiosity, and have so many better uses for that money right here on earth.
say: It won't happen. The budget will just be cut again and the mission scrapped.
ReductioAdAstronomicus say: What is the cost? What are the benefits (if any)? What else could have been done with all that funding?

Does nasa realise that robotics is proven to be vastly superior to humans in space?

Are they aware that every planet, several moons, and various other objects have been visited by robotic spacecraft while during all that time humans only bumbled around in Earth orbit? Do they understand why? Or are they still living in the past under some delusion or other that compels them to spend vast amounts of money for little (if any) return?
Paula say: I am a bit dubious about the present proposal.
And that is all it is - a proposal
I fear it may not be a moon trip as much as an ego trip.

But good if it does go ahead.
But why wait 55 years (since Armstrong) to get back to the moon ???
Is is something to do with China"s spectacular success in space and on the moon ...
And their intention to put people on the moon in the 2020s ???

I just did a difficult mathematical calculation ---
I computed who would be president of the US in 2024.
I did assume that the incumbent would be re-elected.
And the answer I got was "Trump".
Ronald 7 say: I hope they can make better use of it this time
Something that is useful to Mankind
Like Putting Mirrors all over it and turning it into a Big Glitter Ball
Sharon say: we should never have done half a dozen landings and then abandoned it, but Nixon had to waste money on the Viet Nam War. Now we face another space race, this time with China, on who builds the lunar base. Apollo will recede in history, ranked with the futile and abandoned Viking landings in North America, and if China succeeds, just as Columbus led to much of the Western Hemisphere speaking Spanish, outer space residents and explorers will speak Mandarin
Pepe Fishing say: I can understand the excitement and curiosity of space travel and exploration. However I am skeptical about the benefits to the tax payer? Seems like these agencies are always looking for an excuse to either increase or maintain funding.
VAA say: WE need to clean up the thousands of pieces of space junk that currently orbit our planet before we spend another dime on space exploration....but we won't.
Robert say: Whereas we do not need any moon rocks we will benefit greatly of all of the devices they will invent to get us there and back in the digital age. The benefits will be amazing just as they were for the first trips there in 1969.

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