Why is the thought of “ancient aliens” deemed to be prepo
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Why is the thought of “ancient aliens” deemed to be prepo

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Why is the thought of “ancient aliens” deemed to be preposterous and dismissed so readily?Even as mainstream science see’s the idea as “fringe” lunacy, it is working extremely hard to make interstellar travel a reality.It’s not h......

Why is the thought of “ancient aliens” deemed to be preposterous and dismissed so readily?
Even as mainstream science see’s the idea as “fringe” lunacy, it is working extremely hard to make interstellar travel a reality. It’s not hard to find a person who will tell you the earth has never been visited because of the vast distances involved, who is also able to excitedly tell you about the research going...

Jeffrey K say: Scientists and archeologists don't say that it is impossible for aliens to have visited earth. But they say there is absolutely no evidence that they ever did.
Archeologists have never found technology like electric wires or metal alloys in ancient ruins. Never a piece of an old spacecraft or remains of fuel or batteries or glass or anything that ancient people could not have made themselves.
Iridflare say: Mainstream science is working "extremely hard" to make interstellar travel a reality? Really? Where are the results being published?
ReductioAdAstronomicus say: No evidence
The hypothesis of aliens existing at all has no evidence to support it
The hypothesis that interstellar travel is possible has no evidence to support it
The generally nutty nature of all arguments in favour of "ancient astronauts"
No need for the conjecture of "ancient aliens". All archaelogy can be explained by human activity.
Ronald 7 say: I for one do not dismiss anything
The Universe is as old as 13.8 Billion Years
More than 3 times as old as Earth and our Solar System
Our Evolution has taken 3.8 Billion Years
Who says there could not be a Civilisation a lot older than ours ?
Advanced enough to come here and help out our Ancients
Inca drawings portray what could be described as other worldly
How did the Nasca lines come about?
Certainly not for racing cars !!
The Pyramids still remain a Mystery
Even slaves couldn't work that fast
All ancient Pyramids point to the Sky
Even in the Bible, Eziekel meets other Worldly Golden people, each with 5 Wings who raise him up into the sky on a fiery vessel, until the desert
resembles porridge
Read Eziekel, it is the Old Testament
Fast forward to the Present
Jupiter's moon Europa does not show any sign of advance life on the Surface
No Rockets taking off or Motorways
But what could be underneath the Ice
Underneath is an Ocean of Salty water and with 4.5 million years to evolve
What could be down there ??
John say: The thought of "ancient aliens" largely comes from one place and one place only - I don't understand how those poor Egyptians could build a pyramid so it must have been aliens. And other examples. So, instead of thinking that, you go out and learn some real things. As was said, lazy thinking.
poldi2 say: The idea of ancient aliens has zero evidence to support it.
Its not that space travel is not possible, its there is no evidence that aliens have been here.
busterwasmycat say: It is not dismissed so much as not supported by anything. It is speculation, a possible solution to a question, but it is an imperfect solution. If you get your info from Ancient Aliens (a fun show to watch, actually), you need to recognize that they only give you partial information, the parts that support what they want to argue. They do not exactly lie, but they are not totally truthful either.

There are some interesting things that are difficult for "mainstream" science to explain. That lack of a good explanation is hardly a decent argument for "it must have been aliens".

In any scientific discussion, there will be people who do not accept a new proposal, and they will have good reasons for it. People do not deny for the sake of denying. They deny with reason.

I do admit that "ancient alien theorists", as they like to call themselves, do have some decent questions from time to time, and do have a valid argument that currently dominant explanations are not adequate for many things. But a lot of the claims have little substance to them. They sound great until you investigate and find out what they did not say.
YKhan say: This entire Ancient Aliens genre is built on lazy thinking, and the answers they come up with are harder to explain than the simpler Earth-based answers. Basically, if anything looks sufficiently clever and ahead of its time, then it must be aliens! There's no way that humans could've been that clever back then to come up with these ideas, right?

To explain everything away as aliens would mean that these beings would have had to come to Earth, just to leave a few minor clues behind, and then they left right away again, after coming all of this way!
Paula say: Because there is zero evidence of aliens having visited earth.
For example there is no derelict spacecraft on earth, or orbiting earth.

Scientists require evidence before they accept the existence of aliens.
And the search for evidence is now vast.
Not one single piece of evidence has been found.
Bill-M say: Why you ask? Very simple one word answer as to why Aliens have not visited Earth:
DISTANCE. The Speed of light can not be exceeded. The universe is very very big and it would take Ten's of thousands of years to go to the next solar system. Unless you had a space craft the size of the Death Star to support several generations of life forms, space travel is not possible.
Adam D say: The vast distances have nothing to do with the argument. It is the complete and total lack of evidence that is the issue.

The idea also has no real logical appeal to it. If they visited here, what is the reasoning behind their involvement in some things but not others? Early exploration is often haphazard and without a goal other than "go there and see, maybe there is something useful" - Columbus crossing the Atlantic, for example. But advanced exploration has purpose - those who followed Columbus came to exploit a region of rich untapped resources. There is nothing here for an advanced alien species to exploit that isn't more efficiently acquired in space using robots.
Dixon say: ancient aliens evidence?
---> A pile of rocks in the dessert.

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