Serious question about Chernobyl
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Serious question about Chernobyl

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i know thell probaly become irradiaded and die but still............
you know chernobyl the irradiated place well can people like go there if they really wanted to like are thier guards or something? i know thell probaly become irradiaded and die but still......and not like easy walk in i think theres like walls serrounding it......

The entire area was forbidden for access and was guarded.

Recently, it is possible to visit the town (Pripyat) for short visits for a while, it was necessary to get a permit.

The reactor itself is still guarded. The guards are not at the reactor, but outside a fenced perimeter.

There was a plan to recuperate the area and make it habitable again and the plan began with the re-confinement of the reactor (a new sarcophagus) back in 2006.

This is very slow and expensive, so it is probably delayed.

Ukraine wanted to open the area (mostly some less dangerous parts of the city) to day-tourism... guided bus tours and so on. Their plan was to do this in 2011, but I do not know if they did.

I've never heard of there being guards there. it's too big of an area to properly secure and you cant guard the place with out you guards getting cancer or something. and i dont think anyone would want to go there and die painfully from radiation :)

There are guards and roadblocks at the perimeter of the restricted area.
You're not the only one dumb enough to want to approach it.

anybody can walk on in,

Go at night when the radiation glows at its best.
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