Algebra 2/trig problems
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Algebra 2/trig problems

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i forget how to like factor these kinda of problems, and some help would be appreciated

4x(sqaured) -4x +1





thankyouu (:

I don't know how that related with trig but here the answers

1) 4x^2-4x+1 <==multiply the constant from the x^ with your last number which is 4. then find to number that gives a 4 when you multiple them and a negative 4 when you add them
4x^2 -2x -2x +1 ==> take common factors out
2x(2x-1) -1(2x-1) ===> always watch out for the signs. you don't want a - for x
(2x-1)(2x-1) <==your answer can be written also as ==>(2x-1)^2

2) 3(b+1)^2 <== make sure your polynomial is in the order of x^2+x+c before you start doing anything

3) -(6v-20)^2<== for this one place the x^2 first and then take out the - sign, remember to change the other one too

4) I can't figure it that one out :(

5) 10(n+5)^2 <== for this one take out the common factor from all of them, its the 10. work from there

Answers with some tips, hope this was helpful
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