How do nephrons filter blood
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How do nephrons filter blood

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mindbites.I wouldnt want anyone to actually use the internet for what its intended.......
in simple terms. like ur explaining to a 12 year old

nephrons are the basic functional and structural units of your kidneys. each kidney has roughly anywhere between 800,000 to 1 million nephrons in it. their main function is to regulate the concentration of water & other soluable substances (soluble is something that dissolve in water. example: water soluble vitamins) in the blood. it reabsorbs what your body needs and excretes the rest as urine. ( it keeps what your body needs & you pee out what you don't need). nephrons eliminate wastes from your body & also help keep your blood volume & blood pressure under control. there's a long complicated process of how all of this filtering is done & where it goes to get filtered but i've broken it down the best i can.
-hope this helps!

here . . this link has all the info you need:…

I wouldn't want anyone to actually use the internet for what it's intended.
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