How is H3O+ possible.................
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How is H3O+ possible.................

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I just had to learn this for anatomy of all things. My brain hurts.......
so im currently getting killed in organic of the things i dont get is how hydration works...there is an example in the textbook that shows 2-methylpropene reacting w/ hydronium (h30+) to produce pretty solid on how the reaction works, but if Oxygen only has 2 valence electrons, how can it bond with 3 oxygens?

i know this is a dumb question but i really need help

I think I can see where you are confused. A hydronium ion (H3O^+) is a polyatomic ion made up of one oxygen atom covalently bonded to three hydrogen atoms collectively carrying a +1 charge. A hydronium ion forms when a water molecule H2O rips a proton (a hydrogen atom without its electron) off another molecule such as HCl. The proton attaches itself to one of the two unshared pairs of electrons around the oxygen atom in a neutral water molecule. Since a proton carries a +1 charge, the entire new molecule (a hydronium ion) becomes positively charged as well.

hydro bond. Hydrogen is slippery an will bond with just about anything curtosy of the constant exchange of valence electrons between the two elements.

I just had to learn this for anatomy of all things. My brain hurts.

the God(s) commanded it to be possible

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