Where is the best weather in the world
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Where is the best weather in the world

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Puerto Rico maybe? Italy?......
Where are there no tornadoes, hurricanes, snow storms, or any other kind of bad weather?

Hawaii actually has the least disasters in the US. I'm not sure about the world. My wife is from Germany, they almost never have really big storms.

That is a trick question. All places on earth has some type of severe weather. Even at the polls where the worst kind of weather you'll likely run into is a severe blizzard. All coastal regions have some sort of severe weather, ranging from tropical systems to nor'easters. Temperate zones can experience all sorts of nastiness when it comes to the weather, and it could be thunderstorms to ice storms and anything else in between. No where on earth is exempt from experiencing severe weather, although some regions are less likely to see severe weather, they will still get their bouts every now and then.

hard to say, since I have never been out of this stupid country, Puerto Rico maybe? Italy?
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